Links for Yearbook Help, Tech Support and More!

The list below has some of our favorite websites for a variety of tasks. You will find info on yearbooks, Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, digital photography, design, creativity, help with buying equipment and even a place to test your internet connection speed. If you have a favorite website that you think other yearbook advisers would appreciate, please send it our way.

Jostens Yearbook

Your source for all things yearbook. Send your staff here to find out all kinds of info. Especially there is a link to buying your yearbooks online. Most of what is available here is also available on Yearbook Avenue.

Yearbook Avenue

Of course you know where this link takes you. Right to Yearbook Avenue. If you are using YearTech Online you can start desiging. If you use InDesign you will find all the info about your school and your yearbook at Yearbook Avenue.

Speakeasy Speed Test

If you suspect your internet connection has slowed down (or is really bad to start with) then run the SpeakEasy Speed test. Just click on the server nearest to you and wait a few seconds (or if your connection is really slow, minutes) It will tell you how fast your critical download/upload speed is. Just for reference, most school servers run between 10 and 20 megabytes on their scale and in the 4-5 megabyte range for uploads.

Apple Computer

If you use a Mac, then click this link to go to Apple Tech Support. It's a direct link.

Adobe Tech Support

Need help with Photoshop, InDesign or any of Adobe's applications? This link goes directly to their support page.

Adobe Design Center

Want to see some of the coolest designs ever? This is the place. Designers from all over the world show off their best stuff at the Adobe Design Center.

Before & After Magazine-How to Design Cool Stuff

Their name says it all. Hands down, this is the best magazine ever printed for design. And not only that but you can subscribe either to the print or the digital version. The digital version will give you outstanding PDFs that you can teach design with. Written in a way that regular people can understand design.


If you use a PC, then click this link to go to Microsoft's Tech Support. It's also a direct link. Unless they have changed it again. They do that a lot.


Isn't that a great name? And the site is exactly that--a great jumping off point for any information about design. Chuck Green has created the ultimate links page for graphic designers. It is often the first place I go when I need an resource.


What if I don't need a resource, I need an idea. Get your creative juices flowing at Ideabook. Also created by Chuck Green, Ideabook has design ideas, insights and links. Plus a free newsletter (digital) that you can sign up for.


This is Chuck Green's daily (or almost daily) design blog. He is one busy guy. But he is also the GURU of design. There is no better resource online for the graphic designer than his three sites. Don't believe me? Check them out.

Layers Magazine

Superb coverage of all things Adobe. Monthly magazine that covers all Adobe applications. Their website has tutorials and you can sign up for a daily Adobe Creative Suite tip that might cover Illustrator, Photoshop or InDesign.

InDesign Magazine

If your staff is getting serious about InDesign or if you have a staffer who says they want to be a graphic designer when they graduate, this site is a must see. Consider subscribing to their digital-only magazine. But sign up for their weekly free tips as well.

InDesign Secrets

A great place for free (Yes! Free!) InDesign tips, tutorials and a podcast. Sign up for their daily InDesign tips.Their free too.

Photoshop User

There is no better resource on all that is Photoshop than the home of the National Association of Photoshop Professionals. Once you become a member (and it is worth every penny of the $99 per year) you get complete access to their website, including Help Desk tech support, thousands of tutorials, a subscription to their bi-monthly magazine and a whole lot more.

Photoshop TV

A free, weekly podcast devoted to teaching you all that is Photoshop. Runs about 30-40 minutes and if you have staffers who love photography and digital photo editing, this is for them. New episodes each week but all the past ones are available as well.

Photoshop Cafe

Another great site that's chock full of Photoshop goodness. Tutorials, videos and more.

Planet Photoshop

Still another great site about the world's best digital photo software. If you can't find what you are after on this one or the previous three links, it's probably not out there.

Fred Miranda

Not so much looking for Photoshop as just digital photography help? Then check out Fred Miranda. His site is the place to meet online if you shoot a Canon. And there's lots of great non-Canon photo info as well.


Shoot a Nikon? This is the site for you. Lots of great stuff plus a free podcast all about your Nikon DSLR. Kind of what Fred Miranda is to Canon users this site does for Nikon fans.

DP Review

Considering the purchase of a digital camera? Before you spend a single cent, you have to see this site. It compares and contrasts just about every piece of digital photo equipment from simple point and shoot cameras to flash units to ultra-high end DSLRs.


If you are considering buying anything for your yearbook (or just for yourself), like computers, cameras, monitors, you name it, go here first. Millions of free postings from people who have already bought what you are about to buy. Your first stop for any major purpose.





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